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Undertale: Last Corridor Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community Sans (/sænz/) is the brother of Papyrus and a major character in Undertale. He first appears in Snowdin Forest after the protagonist exits the Ruins. He serves as a supporting character in the Neutral and True Pacifist routes, and as the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide Route Ink!Sans is a Sans variant created by Comyet (aka Mye Bi). He was a conceptional Sans who escaped the deteriorating incomplete world through the destruction of his own soul. Thanks to a paintbrush that fell into a void, he was able to gain the ability to create objects out of paint and ink. He now serves as a Muse of the Undertale Fandom, along with being the Guardian of the Undertale. Welcome to the Undertale AU Fanon Wiki Hello and welcome to the Undertale AU Fanon. This is a place where you can post ideas for new AUs, characters, locations, enemies, and new plot ideas. Please read the wiki and roleplay rules before contributing

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  1. Murder Time Trio is a group that consists of murderous sanses from other AUs. The concept revolves around the Bad Time Trio concept except all the team characters are replaced with Sanses that are murderous. 1 Backstory 1.1 Fanon Backstory: 1.2 Canon Backstory: 2 OST Link 3 Phases 3.1 Rain of..
  2. Category:Armor | Undertale Dungeons Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Undertale Dungeons Wiki. 280 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Holy Flame ; Pumpkinator Suit; Asgores Flames; Hopes and Dreams; Supreme Damage.
  3. gly empty room they saw a mysterious figure, The figure looked up and Frisk fell unconscious

Undertale Wiki Guide. Walkthrough. Top Contributors: Hope Corrigan, Samuel-IGN, Ragga_Fragga + more. Last Edited: 15 Oct 2018 8:29 pm. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View History. Asgore is a boss in Throne room, and has a 1/250 chance to be renamed to goat papa. Tier 1 (Default): Phase 1: 99,999,999 (100M) HP. Phase 2: 19,999,999 (20M) HP Tier 2 (10 Kills required): Phase 1: 199,999,999 (200M) HP. Phase 2: 39,999,999 (40M) HP Tier 3 (20 Kills required): Phase 1..

Welcome to the Undertale Wiki! The comprehensive Undertale wiki reference; written and maintained by the players. We are currently maintaining 409 pages (44 articles) with 17,293 participating in this Wiki so far! About Undertale. Undertale is an indie roleplaying game developed by tobyfox. It was released on September 15, 2015 on Steam. Welcome to UNDERTALE. In this RPG, you control a human. Undertale (stylized as UNDERTALE and formerly UnderTale) is a role-playing game developed independently by Toby Fox with additional art by Temmie Chang in the Game Maker: Studio engine. It was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X on September 15, 2015, and for Linux on July 17, 2016 AdventureQuest • AdventureQuest Worlds • Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura • Baldur's Gate • Biomutant • Dark Souls • Deus Ex • Diablo • Divinity • Dragon Age • Dragon Blaze • Dragon's Dogma • Dragon Fable • Elder Scrolls • Expeditions: Viking • Ever Grace • Fable • Fallout • Faster Than Light • Five Nights at Freddy's World • For Honor • The.

Welcome to the Undertale: Chronicle Wiki. Please be warned that this wiki does contain major spoilers. Want to avoid these? Simply visit the Chronological Order page to see all the written stories, both in progress and completed! Fair warning, this wiki is far from completed. Information will be added as it becomes relevant. You will only find information in this wiki that directly correlates. The following is a list of monsters available in the game Undertale. 1 Ruins Monsters 1.1 Main Characters 1.2 Enemies 2 Snowdin Monsters 2.1 Main Characters 2.2 Enemies 2.2.1 Minibosses 2.2.2 Secret Monsters 3 Waterfall Monsters 3.1 Main Characters 3.1.1 Neutral & True Pacifist Route 3.1.2 Genocide Route 3.2 Enemies 3.3 Others 3.4 Hidden 4 Hotland Monsters 4.1 Main Characters 4.1.1 Neutral.

Undertale. From Wikiquote. Jump to navigation Jump to search. pp Contents. 1 Toriel; 2 Napstablook; 3 Undyne; 4 Alphys; 5 Mettaton; 6 King Asgore; 7 Asriel/Flowey; 8 words. 8.1 good time; 8.2 bad time; Toriel . What a terrible creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth...Ah, do not be afraid, my child. I am Toriel, caretaker of the Ruins... I pass through this place every day to see if. The hub for Undertale Writers This is a place where you can make a page about your new story for feedback, ask for help, discuss your ideas and/or just browse about. N/A N/A N/A N/A Before continuing on this wiki, please read the following page: The Club | Undertale Writer's Club Wiki | Fando Undyne (/ˈʌnˌdaɪn/ UN-dyne), known as StrongFish91 on the UnderNet, is a fish-like monster that leads the Royal Guard. Clad in her full suit of armor, she pursues the protagonist through the entirety of Waterfall and is frequently evaded or inadvertently thwarted by the Monster Kid

Muffet is a spider monster with periwinkle or lavender skin, five eyes, six arms, and two legs. She wears a red outfit with pantaloons at the bottom, buttons in the front, a red ribbon across her chest, as well as two more ribbons in her hair. She is also shown holding two teacups with her top pair of hands and two teapots with her middle pair Elys is the daughter of Frisk and Sans. She is the older sibling to Arno, her younger brother, niece to Papyrus and Mettaton, and cousin to Impact, Calibri, and Trajan. Elys takes after her father possessing white hair, Blue eyes, and a puntastic attitude You can help Undertale AU Wiki by expanding it. Underverse is a fan made animation series made by Jael Penaloza on Youtube. Underverse is an AU that supposedly takes place after X-Tale, Sans, now Cross, ends up going to each pacifist timeline within an AU and tries to take it himself, with help from Cross!Chara (X-Event!Chara) and Nightmare!Sans From Undertale Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Loox is a monster encountered in the Ruins. His Hard Mode and CORE counterpart is Astigmatism. Contents. 1 Profile. 1.1 Appearance; 1.2 Personality; 2 In Battle. 2.1 Appears With; 2.2 Attacks; 2.3 Strategy; 2.4 Quotes; 2.5 Flavor Text; 3 Trivia; Profile Appearance. Loox is bipedal and has two horns on the top of his head, a large eye on his.

The Rancer Shrine is a very big secret is Undertale Dummies Mania. It does look broken with tentacles and stuff, but if you walk on a tentacle, you go to a yellow box, where you can get the Rancer Blade, doing 5,412 damage at max level. The blade always costs 1,000,000 gold, they may turn it into 10,000,000 gold (idk yet), and NO I will NOT leak the shrine code. So goodluck trying to guess the. Sans is the heroic protagonist of Undertale Last Breath: Chapter 1, as well as being the main obstacle overall, and the brother of the fallen skeleton, Papyrus. Sans was a lazy skeleton who was presumably born in Snowdin This is a wiki dedicated to the myriad of Alternate Universes for the indie role-playing game UNDERTALE, by Toby Fox. Alternate Universes, or AUs, are alterations to the story, world, and or characters of Undertale, be it crossovers, changes in aesthetic, or role-swaps Bosses are enemies in the game that you need to kill to earn LOVE. They sometimes will give you weapons and healing items. Kong and Loncer X Welcome to the sister wiki of the biggest encyclopedia on Undertale and Deltarune AUs. This wiki hosts the pages and affiliated material that the Undertale AU and Undertale OC Wikis do not; such as non-existent AUs, single-AU character pages, item pages, and so on. There are currently 46 articles, 50 files, and 7 active users on the site

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One day, a war broke between both species. The humans were victorious and the royal human family decided to banish the monsters from the Surface. The Underground, where we are, is sealed by a magical barrier, that only beings with a SOUL, like Humans, can cross. One day, a human fell, but he didn't survive the fall There are several secrets in the game, powerful bosses in nooks and crannies that no one would ever dream of getting into, or little Easter eggs. Here is the list: Jevil in the loading screen, when clicked, he laughs. (He does nothing else.) (someone said the owner got rid of the Easter egg, but it wasn't removed, sorry for the confusion, it only appears if the game thinks your new. RHGTALE otherwise known as Stickmantale, Stickmentale or Rock Hard Gladitor Tale, is an AU where the boss monsters of Undertale were been replaced by RHG stickmens. The story revolves around Frisk/Chara as they made a mistake from touching a green glowing pencil during the tenth genocide route of theirs, it has resulted that the mysterious pencil has automatically resetted the Undertale.

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Undertale is a traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt. Fighting is wholly unnecessary: negotiate your way out of danger using the unique battle system Long ago, two races ruled Earth: HUMAN MEN and MONSTER GIRLS... (also human women). One day, war broke out between the two female races over the men. When the human women won, they sealed the monster girls underground with a magic barrier. Many years later... Introduction Under(her)tail: Monster Girl Edition is a NSFW parody comic written by TheWill. 1 About the AU 2 Notable Changes 2.1. Undertale Yellow (stylized as UNDERTALE YELLOW) is a turn-based role-playing game based on Toby Fox 's Undertale. The project is led by Master Sword and is developed on GameMaker: Studio. Greenlit by Toby, it is notable for having famous faces behind the game's soundtrack, such as NoteBlock, MyNewSoundtrack, and Master Sword himself Undertale Wiki Guide. Top Contributors: Hope Corrigan, Samuel-IGN, Brendan Graeber + more. Last Edited: 15 Oct 2018 8:25 pm. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View History; This is the.

Items | Undertale: Monster Battles Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. UT Monster Battles Wiki. 33 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Undertale: Monster Battles Wiki ; Items; Animus; Ice Guardian Undyne; Rancer Blade; OUR. Many of the in-depth details used are from Undertale Wiki and the Deltarune Wiki. 1 Summary 2 Explanations 3 Power of this Verse 4 Verse Scaling 5 Calculations 6 Knowedgeable Members 7 Characters 7.1 Undertale 7.2 Deltarune 8 Discussions (Link For Mobile Users): Undertaleis a RPG and a Bullet Hell game developed and published by indie developer Toby Fox with the help of Temmie Chang. The friendly RPG where nobody has to die.Undertale Trailer For detailed information about this series, visit the Undertale Wiki. 1 Summary 2 Power of the Verse 3 Supporters/Opponents/Neutral 3.1 Supporters 3.2 Opponents 3.3 Neutral 4 Characters 4.1 Humans 4.2 Monsters 4.3 Amalgamates 4.4 Others 5 Civilization 6 Gallery Undertale (also stylized as UnderTale or UNDERTALE) is a role-playing game. Undertale Wiki Guide. The Dog Shrine. Top Contributors: Hope Corrigan, Samuel Claiborn, Ragga_Fragga + more. Last Edited: 9 Oct 2018 4:52 am. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag; View. Undertale. The player meets Toriel shortly after they fall into the Underground, where she is seen as a motherly figure who desires to protect the player from its dangers. She teaches the player the mechanics of the game, encouraging them to show mercy to enemies rather than attack them. Giving the player a phone with which to contact her, she leaves the player on their own to figure out the.

Genocide Bosses: Undyne The Undying Mettaton NEO Sans The genocide route is the worst ending in undertale, it involves not only everyone dying but also the only route where you meet Chara in person. Not only that but after a genocide route you can never truly beat a True Pacifist route again as the main casts faces are crossed of and Frisk is replaced with Chara and when you are in your new.

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Underearth is a series of five books written by Ioannis Argyris on the Alternate Universe of the hit indie-game Undertale known as Undertale Rho or Universe Rho, which serves greatly in expanding the universe of Undertale. While Undertale Rho is an expansion on Undertale, it should be noted that no knowledge is required on Undertale, and Undertale Rho can easily be enjoyed by fans and non-fans. Spongetale is a crossover Undertale AU where the story is set in the Spongebob Squarepants universe. Pearl is Napstablook Mindy is Toriel Patrick is Sans Spongebob is Papyrus Squidward is Alphys Karen is Mad Dummy1 Mr. Krabs is Mettaton King Neptune is Asgore Triton is Asriel Plankton is Chara.. AUs, as defined by the Undertale AU Wiki Network (that this wiki is part of), are Any works of Fiction that is either based off of, or use elements and characters from, the game Undertale and/or its spiritual successor Deltarune. They can only be seen within the Undertale/Deltarune Meta-narrative; otherwise, their presence can diminish any believability of the AUs and the. There are currently 4 maps in the game, only 3 maps are accessible, without modifying the game, getting help from an admin, or buying enough resets

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Underswap is an AU of a role-playing game called Undertale, where you don't have to kill anyone! Underswap was created Popcorn Pr1nce. Right now, Team Switched is currently in the process of developing a demo for Underswap, and will later, hopefully release the full game LISA (Joyful • Hopeful • Pointless • Ollieful • Doleful) • Undertale • OneShot • Hiveswap • Escaped Chasm • OMORI Fake games: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories II. Frequently Ripped Tracks Humoresque of a Little Dog (Buy Somethin' Will Ya!) • MOTHER 3 Love Theme • Pollyanna • Snowman • Strong One (Masked Man) Unfounded Revenge . Others Albums: 7 GRAND MOTHER Characte

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SS: No one can beat. S: a tad bit weaker than SS but still OP the only way you beat them is if you have skills. A+: weaker than S but Still good. A: weaker than A+ but its ok. B: Kinda weak but its fine. C: weak,some people can beat these. D: Weak most people can beat these. F: can nearly even win. Poo: Basically can't win. Beyond Poo: Can't win Undertale Wiki Guide. Pacifist Walkthrough. Top Contributors: Hope Corrigan, Samuel Claiborn, Ragga_Fragga + more. Last Edited: 15 Oct 2018 9:04 pm. Page Tools. Edit (Classic) Edit (Beta) Flag. Summary. See Undertale Wiki for info.. Sound Effects Used. Dial-up Modem Sounds; Sound Ideas, CARTOON, LAUGHTER - HIGH PITCHED CRAZY LAUGHTER 01 (This sound is used in normal and low pitches as Flowey's laugh, but has been slightly edited to sound more demonic. Only the first laugh is used. There's also a small portion of the sound that's used as an enemy damage cry. Vítej na Undertale české wiki! Ahoj! Vypadá to, že jsi našel českou UNDERTALE Wiki! Je tady vše, co potřebuješ vědět o undertale, v českém provedení. Novinky. 31.10. - Desing stránek změněn na modrou (podle mě více sedí k pozadí, později bude změněno asi i ono) 31.10. - Možná jste si někdo nevšimli, ale celkem dlouho jsem tu nebyl. Teď možná nebudu chvíli. DustDust Sans is an out!code created by BillSansTurk. He's a Sans that go to AU to AUs killing off other Bad Sans. He's currently resides in an Empty DustTale AU. 1 Biography 2 Profile 2.1 Appearance 2.2 Personality 2.3 Abilities 3 Relationships 3.1 Dust Sans 3.2 Killer Sans 3.3 Horror Sans 3.4..

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1 Here's why I made this 2 Backstory 3 Appearance 4 Ability's 4.1 Omni presence- Jesus is real, and so is Jesus sans ( in real life) 4.2 Delete- He can delete and erase anyone and everything with just one thought 4.3 Infinite HP- He cant die he's already dead and an angel 4.4 Omni Powers- He can use any power of any character and any form they have 4.5 Omni Forms- He can use any form of any. Sans not to be confused with SMX Sans, is the Final Boss of the Genocide Route in the Original Undertale his moves are based of Range and Zoning. 1 Moveset 1.1 Passives: 1.2 Bones: 1.3 Blasters: 1.4 Telekinesis: Lazy Bonehead - Sans doesn't have a conventional run, in fact, he doesnt even have.. Undertale • DeltaruneUndertale AU Central • Undertale OC Central • Ideas CentralAkintale • AlphaTale • Altertale • Axetale • Crazy Fanfics • Glitchtale • Hellverse • Horrortale • Inverted Fate • Reapertale • Storyshift • TS!Underswap • Underfell • Underswap • Undertale Chronicle • Undertale Rho.. he has infinity hp. you need 400bp for meet him. after few seconds, you'll ide by yans. you can't kill him just dummy which kills you Toby Fox (born October 11, 1991) is an American video game developer and composer.He is best known for developing the games Undertale and Deltarune.He has also composed music for the webcomic Homestuck, as well as for the video games Hiveswap, Escaped Chasm, Little Town Hero, Pokémon Sword and Shield and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.He is also known online as FwugRadiation or as Toby Radiation.

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She Is less protective then in undertale but is really easily upset. Toriel Not only uses fire magic but plant magic and has a love hate friendship with flowey. She Left Asgore After He tried to replace chara with the newly fallen human. The human died from sustained magic and after she relised what she had done she fled to the ruins where she acumpanied many humans and started 2 small towns. Category:Mari | Undertale OCs Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Undertale OCs Wiki. 157 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. Lucario the Skeleton ; Windows!Lucario the Skeleton; Temmie!Lucario the Skeleton; Under(her)Tail. This is the Undertale Wiki, A Wiki about Undertale We're a collaborative community website about Undertale that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the ADD NEW PAGE or EDIT button at the top of any page.. The Undertale universe refers to the canonical Undertale game originally created by Toby Fox. Undertale is considered the main universe and perhaps the original universe behind the rest of the Doodle Sphere Undertale ist ein Rollenspiel, das vom Indie-Entwickler Toby Fox entwickelt wurde . Der Spieler kontrolliert ein Kind, das in den Untergrund gefallen ist: eine große, abgelegene Region unter der Erdoberfläche, die durch eine magische Barriere getrennt ist. Der Spieler trifft auf der Rückreise an die Oberfläche auf verschiedene Monster. Einige Monster könnten den Spieler in einen Kampf.

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Undertale is an RPG created by Toby Fox. It was released on September 15, 2015, and quickly gained widespread acclaim. An episodic spinoff game, Deltarune, released its first episode in October 2018. Toby Fox apparently started developing Undertale in Andrew Hussie 's basement Welcome to the Undertale Rho Wiki.. Everyone can edit pages and help to make it better.. We are currently editing over 213 articles, and you can help.. About this wiki | New pages | New files | Active users | Categories | Policy pages. ATTENTION!!! Due to it being a wiki, this site contains spoilers and other information that might negatively influence your enjoyment of the novels

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Undertale Rho Wiki. 213 Pages. Add new page. Story. Underearth Books. In Chronological Order; In Order of Publication; Short Stories Fan-made Characters. Frisk Anendotos Chrysanthe Charaktiras Calibri Gaster World. Locations Nations . Anendotos Kingdom; Dreemurr Kingdom; Kingdom of the Monsters. Sans is a fictional character in the 2015 role-playing video game Undertale by Toby Fox. He is introduced as a comic relief and acts as the final boss if the player chooses to kill all the monsters and complete the genocide route. His name is based on the Comic Sans font, which is used for most of his in-game dialogue

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Magic, more properly known as Soular Sorcery, is a magic system within the Rhoverse. Soular Sorcery is powered through a creature's SOUL AURA; the greater their AURA, the more magic they can cast. If a creature attempts to preform Soular Sorcery without enough power in their AURA, they could potentially die. Somebody who preforms magic is known as a Magician. 1 Spells 2 Magic Points 3. Little Red Slicing Hood, also known simply as Red , is a well known OC created by Taxiderby as the opponent of the Fangame, Undertale Red. She is part of Undyne's Royal Guard and cannot be encountered by conventional means. The only way to find her is by getting lost in a way nobody thought possible 1 Personality 2 Abilities 2.1 Telekinesis and Teleportation 2.2 Bone Attack 3 Weaknesses Gradient is an ambivert. When he is around strangers/new people, he will close up and become shy. However, once he gets to know you he will open up and he is not afraid to talk about what's on his mind. He also has the unique ability that whenever he becomes extremely flustered/embarrassed, his form will.

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Undertale OC Wiki Welcome to the biggest encyclopedia on Undertale and Deltarune OCs.. There are currently 241 articles and 538 files to the site, you can add more!. If you are new it is REQUIRED for you to read the Rules and Guidelines and the Policy of the Wiki BEFORE contributing to our Wiki. If there is anything you need help with, contact an Admin on this list This is a list of events that took place in Undertale Rho in chronological order. All information here is directly uploaded by Alphasaith, the creator of Undertale Rho. NOTES: Events dealing with time-travel and RESETs can be found sequentially on the left-side of the table; in the golden section labeled World. 1 1307 - 1406 2 1407 - 1410 3 1876 - 1945 4 1991 - 2009 5 Underearth Er Characters that are Monsters. Has been broken down into species of Monster. Monsters are defined as sentient non-Humans; so anything that is sentient, but is not Human, would be classified as a Monster (this also applies to Monster-Human Hybrids and Darkners)

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